olga by dueestudio

Following a dispute over royalties from their appearance in “Donald Duck and the Gorilla” Duee split from Huey and Louie and established  a design studio in San Salvador.

It would be so good if that were true. So good.

Sadly it isn’t and dueestudio is the working name of designers Claudia and Harry Washington; two El Salvadorians who met at the University of Fine Arts in San Salvador.

And whereas Dewey Duck couldn’t speak without generating enough saliva to sink a trawler dueestudio produce some wonderfully elegant and refined furniture.

Sadly their website isn’t the most informative, and so while we can all wonder at the beauty of their designs – we can’t read any thing about them or discover where we can buy them… Sadly, because the work is excellent.

For us a particular high point is the chair Olga

Reminiscent of Herbert Hirche’s1953 low lounger, Olga’s sleek, under-defined curves  are a joy to behold.

Add the Ottman and you have quite possibly one of the most enjoyable sitting experiences imaginable.

Sadly we don’t know where if and how to get hold of one.

Olga by dueestudio

Not for ducks!

olga dueestudio

olga by dueestudio

olga dueestudio straps

olga by dueestudio ... rear view

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