Stockholm Design Week

As already stated we sadly can’t attend this years Stockholm Design Week: Too much work, too little time.

Fortuitously thanks to the power of the internet (@Design studio Bernstrand & Co, pay attention) we can have a look at whose doing what where.

One product that caught our collective eye is Off the Wall by Kerdema Design.

Marketed as being “3D wallpaper” it obviously isn’t – as 3D wallpaper exists, is called wood-chip wallpaper and has been marketed since 1864.

Off the wall is technically a system that “hides” shelves behind the wallpaper and in doing so creates the most delightful storage solutions.

The shelves are formed from thermoformed acrylic sheets and come in various forms; including a  dust catching book stand. The wallpaper is printed-on-demand, how modern, in Stockholm and is currently available in 15 different patterns.

We really are very impressed with Off the Wall, not just because the product breaks the monotonous predictability of walls, but also because it allows, indeed forces, new ways of thinking about relations hip with shelves, walls. And wall paper.
And the effect is visually delightful.#

Off the Wall by Kerdema Design


Off the Wall by Kerdema Design

Off the Wall by Kerdema Design

Off the Wall by Kerdema Design horse

Off the Wall by Kerdema Design - various design options

off the wall by Kerdema Design bookend

Off the Wall by Kerdema Design - bookend


Indebted to David Report for the info on the iLike event during this weeks Stockholm Design Week.

Design studio Bernstrand & Co have asked 100 “creatives”, plus allegedly politicians, to take a photo of their favourite product/event.

Design studio Bernstrand & Co will then display them in their studio.

In Stockholm.
So that only those in Stockholm can see them.


It’s like the internet never happened.
Or maybe it hasn’t in Stockholm

@Design studio Bernstrand & Co – Almost all photos will be taken with a phone that is only as popular as it is because of it’s internet capabilities and functionality.

Let us also look at the pictures on it.

Or at least on a normal computer monitor.


iLike #Stockholm Design Week

But since we can’t make it, it would be good to see what others enjoyed…..

iLIke Stockholm

iLike Stockholm - but to see pictures of it we have to go to Stockholm. Ain't technology great.

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