Recycled Chair by bookhou

As any fool know one of the great revolutions in furniture design came when Charles Eames started moulding plywood – think great vowel shift, just a couple of centuries later. Since then moulding plywood has become one of the first processes designers learn and in every industrial design students notebook we can guarantee there is at least one sketch that borrows heavily on Eames’s DCW.
Which is OK, the DCW is a fantastic piece of work.

What we like about the recycled chair by bookhou is its Eamsien finesse, but that it is formed from real, non-moulded plywood, wood.

Similar to the JWC – Just Wood Chair by Florian Hauswirth.

Just better.

The geometry of the chair is just dreamy and we can well imagine that regardless of where you use it,  it must improve the overall aesthetic

Now bookhou insist on their website that the chiar is a prototype and not for sale – but that’s daft.

Such a well conceived and well executed deisgn needs to be made available for the public.

Those of you in or near Canada can see more from bookhou at CUT/COPY/PASTE at The Royal Ontario Museum or the Spring One of a Kind Show, Toronto.

Recycled Chair by bookhou

Too good for the prototype cupboard!

chair bookhou

Recycled Chair by bookhou


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