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Yes, you could just about use it for helping calibrate the colours on your camera/monitor.

Or simply enjoy the design possibilities offered by the Vitra Eames plastic seating shells…..

Vitra Eames Armchair Bench

Vitra Eames Armchair Bench

philippe starck louis ghost

Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck for Kartell

We’ve seen a lot done by photographers with the transparent chair “Louis Ghost” by Philippe Starck for Kartell.

But there is always something new, as we discovered when we recently stumbled across a nice collection of “half-illuminated” Louis Ghost photos.

Bruno Weil sideboard for thonet freres paris

Bruno Weil Sideboard for Thonet Frères Paris

We can’t say much more about this sideboard other than it was produced ca. 1929 by Thonet Frères Paris. Was designed by Bruno Weil. And is fantastic.

In essence a double-decker glass and metal table we find it one of the most delightful examples of modernist furniture; and one of the few that hasn’t lost any of its freshness over the decades.

This is example was photographed in the Grassi Museum Leipzig exhibition “Art Nouveau to Present”

Poul Henningsen Snake chair  1930

Poul Henningsen Snake chair

Whereas most people will associate the early development of the cantilever chair with “Bauhaus” designers such as Mart Stam, Mies van der Rohe or Marcel Breuer – the Danish designer Poul Henningsen was also experimenting with the form.
Most famously in his early 1930s snake chair – an example here as seen at the exhibition “Stühle ohne Beine” at the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin.

Although using the same materials as the modernists, Henningsen found a completely different form language with which to express the concept.

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