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In these pages we have often bemoaned the number of designers who against all logic insist on building flash websites.

PDF websites are just as daft.

It’s not that we don’t like the good folks at Adobe, it’s just that their technology is good where it belongs – and less good where it doesn’t.

However we can forgive Ahmet Sismanoglu his flirt with pdf because he has promised a proper website from August 2010

And because his SuperSputnik stool is such a wonderfuly simple piece of design.

Sitting somewhere between Isamu Noguchi’s Rocking stool and Charles and Ray Eames’ “R” frame series, SuperSputnik is a delightfully fresh interpretation on the classic three-legged stool.

And neatly constructed to boot.

SuperSputnik by Sisman


Supersputnik by Sisman

Supersputnik by Sisman

Supersputnik by Sisman

Supersputnik by Sisman - nice, simple, good


Heimlicht by Leoni Werle is not just a lamp.

It is a lamp that thinks it is an old-fashioned bureau – and as such “closes”

Through the “closure” one can not only neatly hide an unkempt corner but also find “closure” on a days work.

Out of sight out of mind as it were.

And when you are working the large, positional diffuser allows for the perfect atmosphere.

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle


Heimlicht by leoni werle

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle : open

Heimlicht by leoni werle

Heimlicht by Leoni Werle : Closed (photo © annika feuß)

As a general rule we don’t believe in love at first sight… but sometimes we could be convinced otherwise.

As in the case of these ceramic light shades from Camberwell College Of Art graduate Ji-Hyun Chung.

A very simple concept, but as ever an idea that one has to first of all have before the product can be developed.

If ceramic is thin enough, light passes through it.
Mould and colour the ceramic and you have a delicate yet improbably stable light shade.

And that appeals to us.

Ceramic light shades by Ji-Hyun Chung.


ceramic light shades Ji-Hyun Chung

Ceramic Light Shades by Ji-Hyun Chung

ceramic light shades Ji-Hyun Chung


ceramic light sahdes Ji-Hyun Chung


The first time Table & Lamp by Florian Kallus appeared in our RSS inbox we ignored it.

Which proves that even we can make mistakes.

For it is a joyous product.

It’s a table

And a lamp

Sounds easy.


Sounds unspectacular.


The lamp can be placed on either the left or the right hand side of the table  and rotates through 360 degrees allowing the user to determine light direction and so atmosphere.

Combined with its wonderful, simple aesthetic we were very glad to get a second chance with Table & Lamp.

Table & Lamp by Florian Kallus.

Table and Lamp by Florian Kallus

Table and Lamp by Florian Kallus

table and lamp florian kallus

nice form

table and lamp florian kallus

lamp. detail.

Spotted this wonderful shelf/storage/coat rack solution at DMY Berlin.

Spiral(e) shelf by Swedish design studio Argue Design is a part hanging part stuffing.
Which appeals top our sense of the correct manner on how to store one possessions.
Hang your jackets and such items responsibly – and stuff the rest inside the tube.

Spirale(e) by Argue Design.

spirale shelf argue design

Spiral(e) Shelf by Argue Design

spirale shelf argue design

Perfect for those who appreciate order, but not enough to maintain it on a daily basis

One of the things that critics of the Internet all too often forget is that in addition to killing brain cells through the mind numbing senselessness of much content it can also rekindle memories; be it old memories such as those awakened when you stumble across an old flame’s photo in Facebook or newer memories such as that you’ve forgotten to buy your new flame concert tickets for their birthday.

Searching for some Wallflower units by Markus Honka from Jonas and Jonas this afternoon we suddenly had a flashback to DMY Berlin.

There, on the Burg Giebichenstein Graduate09 stand, Ilja Oelschlägel presented his Jecket clothes stand, part of his “7 für die Ecke” graduation show.

And we were very taken with Jecket. With 10 hooks, and designed to be free standing in any corner Jecket can be used indoors or outdoors. We were very taken with Jecket, and not only on account of it’s style, functionality and craftsmanship … but also because it reminded us of Markus Honka‘s wall units.

No bad thing .. The wallflower range is also a fantastically well crafted and functional range – and we would gladly mix and match the two designers work.

The Internet … it’s great.

WALLFLOWER Walloffice by Markus Honka

WALLFLOWER Walloffice by Markus Honka


Jecket by Ilja Oelschlägel

We do know and appreciate how lucky we are that we have the time and resources to jet from Milan, to New York, to Berlin and the like just to look at designer furniture.

And we are thankful.
We are also thankful that dutch design house moooi will be showing their complete new collection as of 12.06 in the moooi gallery, Amsterdam.

Now if that isn’t worth a trip to Holland….

Eurlanterns by moooi works for moooi

Eurlanterns by moooi works for moooi - As seen in Milan

Before we depart Berlin, a worthy mention for David Olschewski. A graduate of the Akademie für Gestaltung in Würzburg, Olschewski specialises in using everyday objects – so brushes, spades and the like – as furniture.

Among the products Olschewski had on display at DMY Youngsters was the delightful Badezimmer set – wonderfully crafted from a bath and a shower basin.

If we’re honest we all know that the A-frame from Charles and Ray Eames is based on a bath.

David Olschewski just uses the bath. Genius.

The seat is remarkably comfortable, the only problem is that – as with a real bath – you do tend to slip a little too far forward, or at least further than is comfortable. Or at least desirable.

If they can find an unobtrusive, non-slip surface that allows the user to recline with out fearing for their life they will have areal winner.

As it is Badezimmer is prefect for all looking for furniture that is as much a conversation piece as a practical accessory.

Badezimmer by David Olschewski

Badezimmer by David Olschewski

badezimmer ... armchair

badezimmer ... armchair

There is, as we all know, a very fine line between art and furniture design.

Tapis Tongs by Brussels based designer Lise el Sayed is undoubtedly on the “art” side of the design divide.

That said we would be more than happy to find space in our house  for a carpet with inbuilt flip-flops.

Topis Tongs by Lise el Sayed - a carpet with in-built flip flops

Topis Tongs by Lise el Sayed - a carpet with in-built flip flops

Topis Tongs by Lise el Sayed - close up

Topis Tongs by Lise el Sayed - close up

One of the “off”  shows in Milan that made the biggest impression on us was kkaarrlls from the students at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. And so it was a shame that it isn’t here in Berlin.

Fortunately Karlsruhe student and kkaarrls member Eva Marguerre has made it here with her NIDO stools/side tables.

Furniture designed to look like it is created from a material other than that from which it actually is formed, is a currently a hot trend in European furniture design.
And NIDO is one of the better examples of this trend.

Although created from fibreglass even from close up NIDO convinces that it is actually straw. Your forced to touch it, interact with it, enjoy it.

In addition NIDO is stable, comfortable, practical and light.

And great.

NIDO from

NIDO from Eva Marguerre, close up...

... and in action

... and in action

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