Yes, you could just about use it for helping calibrate the colours on your camera/monitor.

Or simply enjoy the design possibilities offered by the Vitra Eames plastic seating shells…..

Vitra Eames Armchair Bench

Vitra Eames Armchair Bench


On February 22nd 2012 the VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein celebrates its second birthday.

A brave decision not just structurally but also commercially, the VitraHaus has proved to be a bigger success than expected and continues to delight Vitra Campus visitors.

If you’ve not been. We can thoroughly recommend it.

And Happy Birthday!

vitrahaus weil am rhein

Vitrahaus, Weil am Rhein celebrates its second birthday on February 22nd

Given the fuss that was made ahead of the launch – and the number of journalists present at the press preview – we really did expect the opening of the VitraHaus to create a bit more, well … interest.

And even today, 23.02.2010,  when the official Vitra VitraHaus microsite should be launched…. it’s still only a redirect to the Vitra Campus page.

And we’re not even going to mention the number of hits “our” delicious bookmarks have received….

Which is all a bit disappointing because the VitraHaus is a true gem that really does deserve to be better treated.

We know it’s just a big shop.

We’re not daft.

But Macy’s is also a big shop, but who doesn’t love travelling up and down those wood escalators.

But your not likely to get quite as lost in Maceys as we got inside the VitraHaus.

Like Dr Who’s Tardis, once inside the VitraHaus the apparently relatively small building morphs into an endless stream of corridors, staircases and passages.

We loved it.

And we really liked that Vitra allow VitraHaus visitors to test, try out and use the exhibits.


All very good.

VitraHaus Weil am rhein.. organic shapes

VitraHaus Weil am Rhein.. good use of organic shapes

VitraHaus Eames Lounge Chair

VitraHaus... based on our living room. Honest

Vitra VitraHaus

VitraHaus very spacey

Vitra VitraHaus Weil am Rhein

VitraHaus ... exterior

Vitra VitraHaus

VitraHaus side elevation

Vitra VitraHaus

VitraHaus ... hanging in the Weil am Rhein sky

Vitra VitraHaus Weil am Rhein

VitraHaus entrance

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