Since Friday the Design Week in Ireland website has been live … and we’ve got to say it’s looking like a monster.

And that’s just the journeys that we’ll need to make 🙂

Traditional logic at such Design Weeks states that if one event you want to attend ends just before another one starts they will invariably be at opposite ends of the city.

The Design Week in Ireland takes place over the whole island!!

From Belfast to Cork and Dublin to Tullamore Design Week Ireland is spread over seven locations each with it’s own programme and accent.

And as such the week offers visitors not only the chance to discover some contemporary design treasures , but also to discover and explore the country.

We’re excited already.

More details on the Design Week in Ireland can be found on their website.

Design Week in Ireland

Design Week in Ireland


And cue jokes about viral leeks, revolting miners and the Eisteddfod….

… It s almost time for Cardiff Design Festival, and we presume we’ll be there – we would love to say we’re definitely going, only on the website noone seems to have thought to publicise the dates which makes planning just a tad tricky, unless we’re being especially daft … and all though there is a calender, you obviously need at least a 22″ screen to see it properly. But hey they’re students,, they’ll learn 🙂

Regardless of our moaning, judging from the information that is available and what we know about some of the names mentioned, it should be an interesting few days. Personally we can’t wait, last year was fun and there is little better than an early morning Vernissage in the Barfly. After our exploits in Milan, Berlin and New York it’ll be good to get back to the old island.

For those wanting to know a little more about Cardiff and it’s design haunts before deciding whether or not to head on down, check out the very helpful Design Trail on the Design festival website – Just remember though, it’s been compiled by students 😉

Cardiff Design Festival - Like Cardiff Market, just with less fruit (proabably)

Cardiff Design Festival - Like Cardiff Market, just with less fruit (proabably)

In a fair and just world we would be heading off to Australia in a couple of weeks for State of Design in Melbourne, “Victoria’s Design Festival”

But it’s not a fair and just world and so were not.

And so the launch of the official programme today hit us especially hard.

In addition to an interesting looking official trade fair Furnitex and a sort of “speed dating” show for youngsters Design:Made:Trade with some very good designers, the fringe programme is larger, wider and a lot more interesting than much of that on offer in the northern hemisphere.

In addition to a wonderful selection of shows and discussions there is a very interesting sounding graffiti season from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. And a Paper Plane Academy. Lovely

We will do our best to provide some sort of coverage from State of Design 2009.
And in 2010 we will be there.


We recently signed up to the new design social networking site “Modern Echo

Conceived by it’s creators as a meeting platform for designers, retailers and those of us with an interest in good, fresh design Modern Echo is to be understood as  a continual “work in progress”  whose further development will be determined by it’s users.

At the moment the selection and products is not the most extensive on the net, but then they are new and we are certain that will change.

You can find out more at or check out and follow our profile at

And we will of course make sure that we keep you updated here on the good things we’ve found.

Modern Echo

Modern Echo

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