System by Tojo

All those who read our olga by dueestudio post will know that when it comes to names the most hilarious situations can arise.
But we wont even try to explain what we thought when a CD from the company Tojo recently landed on our desk.

This Tojo is, fortuitously, a designer furniture producer based in Schorndorf, near Stuttgart. And as far as we are aware has never been involved in waging aggressive war against anyone.

Spending their time instead producing very “simple” designer wood furniture.

And we use the word “simple”  not in the context of “any fool could make it” but more in the context of “not over complicated”, “not over designed” and “completing its required task in as efficient and ergonomic a way as possible”

Among a wonderful portfolio from a good array of designers the bed system “System” stands out.

Designed as a guest bed System slots together without screws or other fasteners and can be quickly and easily built as and when required.

And when not can be easily stored.
Making it the perfect system for those without much space, but a lot of friends who always want to stay over.
Alternatively, and assuming your car is long enough. you can also take System with you when you go on holiday or to visit friends/family.

And if your at IMM in Cologne you can check out Tojo in Hall 11.2, Stand M-034/N-035

System by Tojo


System from Tojo

System from Tojo (click on photo to see animation)

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