We do know and appreciate how lucky we are that we have the time and resources to jet from Milan, to New York, to Berlin and the like just to look at designer furniture.

And we are thankful.
We are also thankful that dutch design house moooi will be showing their complete new collection as of 12.06 in the moooi gallery, Amsterdam.

Now if that isn’t worth a trip to Holland….

Eurlanterns by moooi works for moooi

Eurlanterns by moooi works for moooi - As seen in Milan


Call it Japanese minimalism if you want but we were very taken with the stand from the Noguchi Museum: One product

Given the genial Noguchi died in 1988 new products would have been a bit much to expect, but we did like this re-issue of the 1AS and we’re once again reminded that although yes you can buy cheap copies of Noguchis work everywhere, the originals do offer an awful lot more and are worth the investment.

Akari 1AS by Isamu Noguchi

Akari 1AS by Isamu Noguchi

After months of apparent inactivity Hella Jongerius has suddenly reappeared on our radar – just you’ll either have to be in New York to experience her or wait a little.

On May 15th the film portrait “Hella Jongerius: Contemporary Archetypes” from Deign Onscreen opens in New York, and in the same week the film Objectified by Gary Hustwit is showing in New York , which also features an appearance by Hella Jongerius.

And because only seeing films can be dull, next week also sees the opening of the Nature Conservancy exhibition Design for a Living World at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in, you got it, NYC. For the exhibition  Nature Conservancy sent 10 designers to unconventional locations and challenged them to create new products using local, sustainable products. Sent to Mexico, Jongeriusproduced a range of pots and other products from chicle.

Hopefully most of these events will tour eventually, we will keep you updated.

Hella Jongerius mixes delft with chicle

Hella Jongerius mixes Delft with chicle

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