DMY Youngsters: David Olschewski

Before we depart Berlin, a worthy mention for David Olschewski. A graduate of the Akademie für Gestaltung in Würzburg, Olschewski specialises in using everyday objects – so brushes, spades and the like – as furniture.

Among the products Olschewski had on display at DMY Youngsters was the delightful Badezimmer set – wonderfully crafted from a bath and a shower basin.

If we’re honest we all know that the A-frame from Charles and Ray Eames is based on a bath.

David Olschewski just uses the bath. Genius.

The seat is remarkably comfortable, the only problem is that – as with a real bath – you do tend to slip a little too far forward, or at least further than is comfortable. Or at least desirable.

If they can find an unobtrusive, non-slip surface that allows the user to recline with out fearing for their life they will have areal winner.

As it is Badezimmer is prefect for all looking for furniture that is as much a conversation piece as a practical accessory.

Badezimmer by David Olschewski

Badezimmer by David Olschewski

badezimmer ... armchair

badezimmer ... armchair

  1. i like those chairs they look comfortable
    are they made of ceramic?
    or some kind of other material other than wood

    • myhouseismycastle said:

      They’re bath 🙂
      Officially they are: Material: acrylic (bathtube and shower tray)
      And yes they are comfortable, just as I say you do tend to slide forward..
      You can find more pictures on David Olschewski’s website:

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