Jecket by Ilja Oelschlägel

One of the things that critics of the Internet all too often forget is that in addition to killing brain cells through the mind numbing senselessness of much content it can also rekindle memories; be it old memories such as those awakened when you stumble across an old flame’s photo in Facebook or newer memories such as that you’ve forgotten to buy your new flame concert tickets for their birthday.

Searching for some Wallflower units by Markus Honka from Jonas and Jonas this afternoon we suddenly had a flashback to DMY Berlin.

There, on the Burg Giebichenstein Graduate09 stand, Ilja Oelschlägel presented his Jecket clothes stand, part of his “7 für die Ecke” graduation show.

And we were very taken with Jecket. With 10 hooks, and designed to be free standing in any corner Jecket can be used indoors or outdoors. We were very taken with Jecket, and not only on account of it’s style, functionality and craftsmanship … but also because it reminded us of Markus Honka‘s wall units.

No bad thing .. The wallflower range is also a fantastically well crafted and functional range – and we would gladly mix and match the two designers work.

The Internet … it’s great.

WALLFLOWER Walloffice by Markus Honka

WALLFLOWER Walloffice by Markus Honka


Jecket by Ilja Oelschlägel


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