Saloni Milano 2010: garagedesign

Among the more interesting projects at this years Saloni Milano is garagedesign.

The basic idea is not new and there exist several “commercial” applications, but we like the reference to “avant-garde designers”

Now we know what you’re thinking: My House is my castle are not normally big fans of  “avant-garde” design

True. But we do know that a lot of the very best contemporary design comes from “avant-garde” design.

Tom Dixon. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Ron Arad.

We don’t like it, but it should be critically and responsibly encouraged.

garagedesign is essentially a market where selected design are displayed as prototypes. Orders are collected and only those articles produced that have been ordered.

And so ultimately the market decides which products are succesful.

Now, we’re not saying that consumers have the best taste, but when new, young designers are involved such a system saves an awful lot of waste through the production of non-commercial tat.

Which is of course a plus for the environment.

We don’t expect to find any products we like at garagedesign.

But we hope that one or other of the participants will then be given the chance to develop their talent with an established producer.

garagedesign can be found at Tortonaspazionovi  Via Novi 1 (zona Tortona) 20144 Milano from Aprilo 14-19.

garagedesign saloni milano 2010

garagedesign at Saloni Milano 2010

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