As a self-confessed Bibliophile it probably isn’t that surprising that Nils Holger Moormann created an armchair with inbuilt book shelves.

Or that he did so with such grace….

bookinist nils holger moormann

Bookinist by Nils Holger Moormann


Among the many, many, advantages of LED bulbs is their relatively small size; a fact that means lamps can be come increasingly less voluminous.

As beautifully demonstrated by the LED Lamp series by Mikko Kärkkäinen.

mikko kärkkäinen LED Lamp

LED Lamp series by Mikko Kärkkäinen

The question of how best to reuse and “upcycle” old/damaged/discarded furniture is currently a popular challenge amongst furniture designers

In 1999 the Dutch design studio Makkink & Bey presented with the Kokon furniture range their own answer.

For us a solution that remains one of the most inspired…..

makkink bey kokon furniture

Kokon Furniture by Studio Makkink & Bey

It’s not especially new, but does follow on very nicely from the Bao by EOOS for Walter Knoll post

In 1938 Hans Knoll, son of Walter Knoll, moved to New York where he established his own furniture company.

Despite early co-operations with the Danish designer Jens Risom – a period that gave the world the brilliant “600 series” – it wasn’t until Hans Knoll teamed up, personally and professionally, with the interior designer Florence Schust that the company really established itself.

Following their marriage in 1946, the, now, Florence Knoll set about persuading a stellar collection of modernist architects to let Knoll International produce and sell their furniture designs.

Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe was initially reluctant. Florence won him over.


Otherwise we wouldn’t now have the Barcelona Chair…..

barcelona chiar mies van der rohe knoll international

Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe for Knoll International

Sommerfeld House in Berlin was in many ways the first real, actual, physical Bauhaus project.

Built for Berlin sawmill owner Adolf Sommerfeld by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer Sommerfeld House was furnished and decorated by objects from Bauhaus students including Marcel Breuer and Josef Albers.

Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer also created furniture, including this delightful as it is simple rotating bookcase

Rotating Bookcase walter gropius adolf meyer sommerfeld house berlin

Rotating Bookcase by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer for Sommerfeld House Berlin

While a student at the Eindhoven Design Academy Paul Heijnen started exploring and experimenting with the relationship between the inside and outside of cabinets; the result was his Construction Cabinet with its unmistakable outer-skeleton and exposed hinged joints.

Solid Wood Cabinet by Paul Heijnen is an experimental further development of this project with a less obvious outer-skeleton and a such a much more accessible form language.

Currently only available as custom units.

paul heijnen solid wood cabinet

Solid Wood Cabinet by Paul Heijnen

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