Anel by Grzegorz Cholewiak

We admit it was an idle moment.
A moment when we technically had other things to do – but our curiosity got the better of us.


Krakow based designer Grzegorz Cholewiak recently won first prize in the 2009 Herforder Recycling Designpreis with his Patery glass bowls.

The Reycling Designpreis is awarded for especially innovative projects for turning “waste” into useful items. For his Patery series Grzegorz Cholewiak used old TV screens to wonderful effect.

And because we were so impressed by Patery we researched a little further and found some more interesting projects from Grzegorz Cholewiak.

Perhaps the most interesting being his Prouvé-esque Anel garden chair.

While we normally want a garden chair to have sufficient arm capacity to hold a cup/glass and potentially also a plate; we also know from experience that a cup/glass and potentially also a plate will, sooner or later, fall to the ground if left on the arm of a chair.

And so Anel’s curved arms are not only not a problem but present a more attractive option for resting your arms on while reading a book. And the curved form of the backrest promises comfortable support regardless of the seating position.

Obviously with all such chairs one must try them before committing; however from what we have seen  we see no reason to doubt the quality of the product.

Anel by Grzegorz Cholewiak


Anel by Grzegorz Cholewiak

Anel by Grzegorz Cholewiak


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