TT01 by Tom Rossau

Whether it’s Dr Who’s Tardis or Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand, there is nothing , but nothing, more endearing than when apparently small masses reveal themselves as being considerably bigger.

So in the case with the table TT01 by Danish designer Tom Rossau

We sadly wont be able to visit Tom’s showcase in Milan and so we’re just going to misuse the photos from his website 🙂

Two tables in one, TT01 by Tom Rossau grows from a slightly askew coffee/couch table to a dining table that can seat up to ten.


While obviously perfect for small flats where space is at a premium, TT01 by Tom Rossau could just as easily fit into a modern office design as a relax area coffee table/brainstorming area desk.

But wherever it is used; we’re impressed.  A lovely bit of problem solving, a gorgeous technological application all wrapped up in – teh still relatively – environmentally sound bamboo

If your in Milan Check out Tom at Via Forcella 7.

TT01 by Tom Rossau.


TT01 Tom Rossau

TT01 by Tom Rossau

Tom Rossau tt01

TT01 by Tom Rossau ... in action (click to start)


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