Postfossil Collection 2010: Valet by Anna Blattert and JWC2 by Florian Hauswirth

There are many good reasons to welcome spring – not least that it herolds the launch of the latest collection from one of our favourite Swiss design collectives Postfossil.

The 2010 Postfossil collection contains, appropriately enough 10 items.

Two of our favourites are Valet and JWC2

JWC2 is, again appropriately enough, the successor to JWC1 which featured in the 2009 Postfossil collection.

And My House is My Castle.

Whereas JWC1 impressed us with its easy Eames-esque charm, JWC2 is a completely different beast.

Vaguely reminiscent of Dolly by Kartell for Antonio Citterio & Oliver Löw, JCW2 by Florian Hauswirth doesn’t fold but does stack.
And is a lot more pleasing on the eye.

Partly due to its unobtrusive form, and partly due to its 100% wood – and just wood – construction.

JCW2 by Florian Hauswirth


Valet by Anna Blattert is completely different kettle of fish.

Obviously inspired by Thonet 214 minus the seat, Valet is a wonderfully modern yet irresistably nostalgic clothes hanger.

At 1m 50 cm tall Valet is high enough to air a jacket or jumper  and practical enough to allow all of those amongst us who normally leave half-worn clothes lying on the floor to create a vague impression of order in an otherwise orderless space.

Valet by Anna Blattert


And for all attending the Saloni Milano, the Postfossil collection 2010 can be viewed in the Saloni Salone Satellite

Postfossil Collection 2010

Well worth the wait!

valet anna blattert

Postfossil Collection 2010: Valet by Anna Blattert

jwc2 Florian Hauswirth

Postfossil Collection 2010: JWC2 by Florian Hauswirth


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