Athens Bench Mark: Entries close on April 6

Greece, as we all know,  is broke.

Beggared, bust, dirt poor, flat broke, impoverished, needy, penniless, penurious, poor, ruined, stone broke, strapped, tapped out.


If you want to help the Mother Of Civilisation out of its current predicament, you should consider contributing to the current Athens Bench Mark competitions.

A joint initiative between the international NGO ‘The World of Athens‘  and the City of Athens, Athens Bench Mark aims to renew the benches of Athens – and in doing so improve life in the Greek capital.

Athens Bench Mark hopes to achieve these goals through two design competitions and a volunteer programme.

The principle competition is open to all designers and creative teams and has the brief of creating new benches for the public spaces in Athens.

The second competition Future Bench is similar – only without the technical specifications attached to the primary competition and so with a lot more artistic freedom.

But how does this help revive the Hellenic fortunes?

Simply put, society’s who have high quality public benches are more productive. That’s undeniable scientific fact.

More importantly, the winner of the primary competition receives no prize – other than the satisfaction and pride of seeing their design produced and installed on the streets of Athens.

The winners of the Future Bench competition do receive cash prizes… but you can always hand it over to the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou.

And finally there is the volunteer programme that is seeking volunteers to refurbish and repair damaged and worn benches in the city.

Linda Brothwell’s Repair Project showed just how wonderful and such a concept can be.

Further sources of inspiration could be Extrusion by Thomas Heatherwick Studios, Wheelbench by Rogier Martens for Weltevree or Easy Reader by Nils Holger Moorman

Closing date for both competitions is April 6th.

More information can be found at

Linda Brothwell Repair Project Lisbon

Linda Brothwell Repair Project Lisbon .. an excellent forerunner for the Athens Bench Mark Volunteer Programme

easy reader moormann athens bench mark

Easy Reader from Moormann .... A possible design for Athens Bench Mark?


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