OOoo Chair by Decker Yeadon

Thanks to for drawing our attention to this ingenious product – a product that is not only the ultimate example of minimal resource furniture design but is also further evidence that designers should stop trying to be clever and start focusing on the problem and let form follow function.

Need a chair?
Cut two holes in the floor.
Who doesn’t like dangling their legs over the edge of a pier or bridge.
But who cuts holes in their floor/digs holes in their garden?

Naturally it is not so simple, nor as simple as OOoo chair creators Decker Yeadon portray in their project description.
However in principle it is great.

We particularly like the idea of using the space between supporting girders as “leg room” and can well imagine such working excellently in a museum, gallery or cinema. The legs of those of the third floor dangling above the heads of those on the second….

Where we do see a little necessary product development, however, is with the “seat”.
No one sits comfortably for long periods with a 90 degree knee angle. However if architects can build slight slopes into the floor next to the leg holes, then it should be possible to create a space where people can sit and relax for longer periods.
On a balcony of a summers evening with your feet dangling free below you…. gorgeous.

OOoo Chair by Decker Yeadon

OOoo Chair decker yeadon

OOoo Chair by Decker Yeadon

OOoo Chair girders

OOoo Chair by Decker Yeadon between girders ... our favourite constellation


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