The 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards: Polytopia by Lucas Chirnside

A degree of ambiguity in design provokes interpretation through performance. Design does not end with production; it becomes a life embedded in the work.

Sharing a space is a dynamic ritual, one that is open to improvisation. The seating design of Polytopia allows it to participate in the physical and social play of its environment. Polytopia acts as a spatial organ as it is flexible as well as programmed to sustain key functions, creating interconnected chairs, armrests, tables, voids, eddies and flows. Polytopia begins as a familiar but ambiguous geometry that offers seams and folds awaiting interaction. In any given state the Polytopia is incomplete and demands further adjustment by rotating, sliding, closing and opening. As an exercise in modular design principles, Polytopia has been reduced to three basic forms to facilitate the ease of production in recycled plastic using standard rotational moulding techniques.

Lucas Chirnside

And that’s about all we can say about Polytopia by Lucas Chirnside

Because it is another of those products that hides… almost as if it doesn’t want to be found.


Polytopia by Lucas Chirnside

Chances of winning the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Award: Impossible to tell, beacuse we just can’t find anything resembling useful information.

2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards Lucas Chirnside Polytopia

Polytopia by Lucas Chirnside

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