The 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards: PARCS by PearsonLloyd for Bene

“Most managers think that if you are away from your desk, you’re not working. It needs progressiveness to recognise that someone who sits on a sofa can still be creating value for the company.”

Tom Lloyd, PearsonLloyd

Back in the day when men wore hats, women wore aprons and we all believed in a future with rocket powered cars, office design was simple.

A big room. Thousands of desks.

Then along came the cubicle, an invention that may have brought us Dilbert, but very little else of note.

And since then various office design concepts have come and gone.

But not only office design concepts, office work has also changed remarkably over the decades; changes that provide real challenges to office furniture designers.

PARCS by PearsonLloyd for Bene is an attempt to rise to the challenge.

Founded in 1997 by London Royal College of Art graduates Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson, PearsonLloyd focus, in their words, on “the commercial and industrial realities of mass production”

The development of the PARCS system started with a meeting between PearsonLloyd and Bene at the Orgatec 2006 office furniture trade fair in Cologne and focused principally on a thorough analysis of different ways of working. From this analysis arose a design concept that prioritized improving the performance of individual tasks.

The  end  result may not be earth shatteringly new; by mixing and matching different products, companies can create areas for concentrated individual work, team work, brain storming , relaxing or holding presentations.

Bene , however, claim that PARCS is the “first industrialised product line of its kind with a holistic and cultural approach.”

Our question, however, is:Iis such a range truly necessary?

We don’t think so.

We believe that through using products from different ranges, different companies and different materials it is possible to create a much more productive atmosphere than though the clinically, sterile atmosphere created by PARCS. Looking at the Bene product images we know that we would rather starve to death than work for the “company” in the photos.

Excellent and high-quality as all the individual elements are, for us the complete image is simply Cubicle 2.0

And we already have Dilbert.

However, the concept behind the project, the innovation that PearsonLloyd have brought into play in creating the project and the new approaches that have arisen, fit wonderfully with the intentions of the Brit Insurance Design Awards, and as such it wouldn’t surprise us if they won it.

PARCS by PearsonLloyd for Bene

Chances of winning the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Award: Excellent.

parcs pearsonlloyd bene elements

PARCS by PearsonLloyd for Bene

parcs pearsonlloyd bene tom lloyd luke pearson

Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson in PARCS for Bene

parcs pearsonlloyd bene

PARCS by PearsonLloyd for Bene - excellent product, but would you want to work in this office?


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