The 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards: Pallet project by Nina Tolstrup

Pallet Project by Nina Tolstrup is the only piece of furniture in the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards shortlist that doesn’t exist.

Extrusions sort of exists.

Palindrome isn’t intended for series production.

But the Pallet Project is just a concept.

Danish born designer Nina Tolstrup initially studied at Les Ateliers School of Industrial Design in Paris before completing a BA in Marketing from the Business School in Copenhagen. Her studio, Studiomama, is based in London and undertakes numerous design, architecture and product contracts.

The Pallet Project is intended to provide the basics from which anyone can produce simple, quality furniture from discarded pallets: a concept that not only reuses an item commonly discarded as waste, but which also allows local scale furniture production without the need for supply chains.

Aside from the wonderfully light form of the items, we find the concept fantastic.

Although we would find it an awful lot better if Nina made the construction guidelines available free on a website rather than charging ten pounds for them.
Then it would be sustainable. Then it would be global.

Pallet project by Nina Tolstrup

Chances of winning the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Award: Very good.

pallet chair nina tolstrup

Pallet Chair by Nina Tolstrup

pallet lamp nina tolstrup

Pallet Lamp by Nina Tolstrup

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