The 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards: Palindrome by Peter Marigold

For us the key word in Peter Marigold‘s description of Palindrome is “installation”. Palindrome is a work of art…
And art aint furniture.

London born Peter Marigold initially studied Fine Art, specialising in sculpture, at Central St Martins College London before moving on to Product Design at the Royal College of Art studying, under others, Ron Arad.

The Palindrome series was created in response to a brief set by the “Designers of the Future Award” at Design Miami/Art Basel 2009.

The basic element of Palindrome is “mirroring”; specifically Marigold creates a wood mould, fills this with plaster, removes the mould and joins the two halves together.
The result is a product which is not only half plaster and half wood; but in which the two halves are perfect mirrors of one another. Holes become handles, knots become motives, etc…

So far, so art.
And that is what it remains.
Nice concept, wonderfully executed, cleverly responding to the brief.
But it’s art.

It aint furniture design
For through the process of creating Palindrome Peter Marigold hasn’t provided the world of international furniture design with new processes, new ideas or new perspectives.

Palindrome by Peter Marigold.
Chances of winning the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Award: a lot higher than they should be.

palindrome peter marigold

Palindrome by Peter Marigold


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