SMLXS by for use

We’ve said it before, and quite frankly will never tire of repeating it.


It may allow you to do ohh so clever things, but means that anyone who may be potentially interested in your work doesn’t have the information available in a form that is in any sense useful or helpful. Rather one is forced to fight against the web designers obvious talent.

And that is so annoying.

The latest designers to fall into the “By using flash we can prove just how clever we are” is Vienna based design studio for use

Great projects. Appallingly user unfriendly website.

We wanted to draw your attention to their SMLXS range of outdoor folding furniture for Zanotta.

But simply can’t be bothered fighting with the website.

At you can hunt for the SMLXS system yourself through the maze of numbers and revolving images.

It is worth it, it is a truly wonderful system.

Just hidden in a world of flash nonsense.

SMLXS by for use

Deserves better!


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