Shoe bench by Harris/Kohl

It’s hard to imagine a more Germanic product that the shoe cupboard.

In the entrance halls of all good, clean living Germans you will find a cupboard for storing shoes.

And they are all impractical, ugly and hideously cheap.

The shoe cupboard is truly the most senseless piece of furniture every invented.

Or was.

Until Berlin based Harris/Kohl set to work redesigning the design catastrophe.

One of the basic problems with shoe cupboards is that they take up a lot of space, and then the door tips to a 30 degree angle … and so you require even more space to get your shoes out.


Harris-Kohl have beautifully navigated this problem by allowing their show bench to open by 90 degrees… and then to incorporate a seat into the system.

It still takes up a lot of space but transforms a previously impractical and clumsy object into something useful and functional.

And the construction looks solid and reliable.

We are very impressed.
We’d still never have one in the house… but that’s just us.

But the Germans. They love ’em

Shoe bench by Harris/Kohl


Shoe bench by Harris Kohl

Shoe bench by Harris/Kohl

...slowly it opens...

...slowly it opens...

shoe bench harris kohl

... and is instantly useful


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