Roll and Hill

It’s been a long old week, but when duty calls we have to follow and what with Stockholm Design Week, VitraHaus and the Brit Insurance Design Awards Exhibition… we’ve just been too overwhelmed.

And, as they say, the beat goes on.

Returning home we discovered an eMail in our inbox from Roll and Hill, a new high end lighting manufacturer.

Based in New York, Roll and Hill is a joint venture between our favourite Brooklyn designer Jason Miller and the design journalist and consultant to 100% Design Shanghai, Andrew Yang.

With an initial programme featuring lighting designs by Jason Miller, Lindsey Adelman, Paul Loebach and Rich Brilliant Willing, Roll and Hill aim to offer contemprorary lighting specifically aimed at US consumers. For, in the words of Jason Miller, “[w]ith all the great design brands currently on the market, few specifically cater to the tastes of the American public”

If we’re honest we can’t comment on that fact. We simply don’t know enough about the US market.

We can, however, confirm Miller’s Modo Lamp as one of the finest products at last yerars ICCF in New York. Superordinate Antler aint bad either.

Roll and Hill will officially launch at the 2010 ICFF in New York.

We can’t wait.

Modo Lamp by Jason Miller by Roll and Hill

Modo Lamp by Jason Miller for Roll and Hill


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