The 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards: Grassworks by Jair Straschnow

Grassworks by Jair Straschnow is a range of product created from bamboo laminate.

Israeli born Straschnow, moved to Holland in 1999 to undertake a post-graduate course at the Applied Arts Department of the Sandberg Institute. Following his graduation he established himself as  a professional designer based in Amsterdam who specialises in public installations as well as series’ of furniture pieces.

Originally displayed at the Aram Gallery in Drury Lane, London – as with Extrusions as part of  the London Design festival – Grassworks is a series of production ready prototypes.
And so again as with Thomas Heatherwicks Extrusion, is a sort of  “work in progress”
(Which does of course raise the question if displaying prototypes at the London Design Festival is not in fact the best way to guarantee a nomination for the Brit Insurance Design Award 🙂 )

Including, amongst other items, a picnic table and bench and a convertible easy/dining chair, Grassworks is designed to be as simple, space-saving and sustainable as possible.

For all the decision to use bamboo was made “…mainly because it is a truly green material“: As a fast growing grass, bamboo stocks can be quickly replenished without casing any impact on the local environment.

But is perhaps the simplicity of the design that really distinguishes the Grassworks range from other products. Using variations of the traditional dovetail joint,  the individual Grassworks elements simply slot together without the need for permanent fixings. Which of course means that they can also be just as easily taken apart again.

We particularly like the Eames-esque easy chair – not least because it flips over to form two different shaped chairs – and the extending trestle table. Both have a lovely flowing, natural form… which we like.
And we think the judges will also approve of both the mix of materials and traditional techniques in a wonderfully fresh collection.

Grassworks by Jair Straschnow

Chances of winning the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Award: very good

grassworks by jair straschnow easy chair

Grassworks by Jair Straschnow: Easy Chair

grassworks by jair straschnow trestle table

Grassworks by Jair Straschnow: Trestle Table

grassworks by jair straschnow bookshelves

Grassworks by Jair Straschnow: Bookshelves


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