iLike #Stockholm Design Week

Indebted to David Report for the info on the iLike event during this weeks Stockholm Design Week.

Design studio Bernstrand & Co have asked 100 “creatives”, plus allegedly politicians, to take a photo of their favourite product/event.

Design studio Bernstrand & Co will then display them in their studio.

In Stockholm.
So that only those in Stockholm can see them.


It’s like the internet never happened.
Or maybe it hasn’t in Stockholm

@Design studio Bernstrand & Co – Almost all photos will be taken with a phone that is only as popular as it is because of it’s internet capabilities and functionality.

Let us also look at the pictures on it.

Or at least on a normal computer monitor.


iLike #Stockholm Design Week

But since we can’t make it, it would be good to see what others enjoyed…..

iLIke Stockholm

iLike Stockholm - but to see pictures of it we have to go to Stockholm. Ain't technology great.

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