Wink by Mike Neumann

As Ron Arad proved with his “Bookworm” bookcase – a good product doesn’t need months of conception, planning and improvement.
Arad mentally “sketched” the Bookworm form on the wall of his new house one evening, and the next day with some of his staff constructed the very first bookworm from steel sheets he had left over from a previous project.

Bookworm is not only one of Kartell’s best selling products but Ron Arad’s most commercially succesful project.

The chair Wink by Dresden based industrial designer Mike Neumann is a further good example.  Created as part of a college project Wink was completed in just four weeks. Although not 100% finished – for our tastes the outer frame is  a little toooooo raw and requires a little rounding – however, the main concept  is finished.

And is delightful.

With subtle overtones of Gerrit T. Rietveld’s Rood blauwe stoel meets Jean Prouvé’s Cité, Wink can be viewed as a slatted mattress support  slung between two trapeziums.

And looks wonderful.

And judging from the close-up photos, the quality of the craftsmanship aint bad either.

As we say Wink was a quick student project; albeit it one with the potential for greater things.

Wink by Mike Neumann.


wink by mike neumann

Wink by Mike Neumann

wink chair by mike neumann

Wink Chair by Mike Neumann

wink by mike neumann detail

Wink by Mike Neumann .... detail


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