Belkiz Feedaway Recycled High Chair

Thanks to the boys and girls @inhabitat for posting this portable recycled cardboard high chair.

Of late there has been several foldable, cardboard products on the market – but what we particularly like about the Belkiz Feedaway is the fact that it is designed with a purpose in mind; in contrast, most of the other designs have had the feel of simply being attempts at recreating “conventional” chair designs in cardboard.

And while the designs were without doubt good and practical…. they lacked purpose.

As opposed to the Belkiz Feedaway.

Sturdy and durable, the obvious advantage of the Belkiz Feedaway is that it can be folded; great if you don’t have much space at home – and even greater if you want to pack it in the car when you go off to visit some elderly relatives for the afternoon.

We’re not that sure about the dodgy, pseudo-hippy flowers that have been printed onto the box.
But can overlook them on account of the other obvious advantages the Belkiz Feedaway presents.

Belkiz Feedaway


Belkiz Feedaway

Belkiz Feedaway

Belkiz Feedaway folded

Belkiz Feedaway ... folded


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