Accueil Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre

The French.



Very few other nations are so fixated with their language as the French.
And while you have to admire the passion for the cultural heritage; it doesn’t exactly help commerce.

And so while @designmilk highlighted Arnaud Lapierre‘s absolutely delightful Accueil Lamp.

We can’t expand because a) Arnaud’s website is in French and b) Accueil Lamp, apparently, recently won an award. But the award site is only in French….

And so we can’t confirm that.

Fortuitously Arnaud does at least present his biography in English.

And so we know that he is an industrial designer, mainly  focused on object,  furnitures and space design, art  direction and design consulting.

We know that he has a master’s degree level II in industrial design from the ENSCI-Paris Institute for advance  studies in industrial design.

And we know that Accueil Lamp is a touch of genius.

For that one doesn’t need a translation.

It’s a lamp.

Which can also be used to store things.


And with it’s lovely retro-George Nelson charm and soft flowing form, is a wonderfully descriptive object that should fit into any space; be it domestic or office.
And judging from the photo with the Eames House Bird the size and proportions are also very nice.

Accueil Lamp reminds us, at least visually, an awful lot of the gorgeous lacquer Wajima Collection Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec presented in July 2009.

But obviously we don’t know what Accueil Lamp is constructed from.
Although it does appear to be an LED lamp.

Assuming LED is French for LED.

Accueil Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre.


accueil lamp by arnaud lapierre

Accueil Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre

accueil lamp by arnaud lapierre with eames house bird

Accueil Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre with Eames House Bird

Accueil Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre ... lovely

Accueil Lamp by Arnaud Lapierre ... lovely

  1. Jimbo said:

    I like the fact that this project has a french name, it sounds exotic and after a short translation, Accueil means welcome in french… I ‘d better love a lamp called Accueil than welcome…anyway, great project..congrat !

  2. Jimbo said:

    and it looks like lacquered metal sheets to me

  3. Roland said:

    Génial ! I love that Arnaud used the Eames house bird in order to give an idea of the lamp size.. This bird is a model squale knew by everyone in loved with design 🙂 it gives a good reference.

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