Christian Lessing : Collectuer and Card Trellis

In Cologne only very few designers were represented at both Designers Fair and at IMM; one of the few was Christian Lessing.

And that with two wonderful products.

In the Rheintriadem Lessing had his own stand where, amongst other objects, he showed his ingenious stool Collectuer.

We all, but all, know the problem – what to do with all those glossy magazines you’ve read, but want to keep.

Most of us simply leave them lying in uncontrolled piles in the corner of a room and hope that our partners don’t notice.

They invariably do, and we are obliged to move them to another location under the pretence that we are “in the process” of filing them away.

Christian Lessing has however now solved the problem.

His Collectuer stool ” collects” magazines and not only stores them in a dignified form; but also uses them to support the stool seat.

In the “low” position the magazines simply sit, passive, under the seat; however, once the magazines reach the underside of the seat they cause the two pieces of steel from which the stool is constructed to slide over one another. Alone the magazines, therefore, maintain the height of the stool.

We must admit we didn’t make a note of the minimum and maximum heights – but rest assured they are both very sensible heights.

Available with or without a cushion, Collectuer can also be used a side table.
And it looks wonderful.

As does Lessing’s Card Trellis which we found at IMM; but because the retailer involved doesn’t feel the need to list it on their website – we don’t feel obliged to advertise them.

If you want one, buy it direct from Christian Lessing.

Constructed from spring steel, Card Trellis is/are strips with clips at irregular distances  for holding postcards, notes, letters and all those other things that you don’t want to throw away, but for the life of you can’t think where you should store them.
Available in four colours Card Trellis is one of those wonderfully simple ideas that only achieves its usefulness through its thoughtful execution.

Both Collectuer and Card Trellis can be used just as well in the home,  in the office or even in a public waiting area of, for example, a dentists.

Christian Lessing

Quality design!

christian lessing collectuer

Collectuer by Christian Lessing

christian lessing collectuer detail

Collectuer by Christian Lessing ... detail

christian lessing card trellis

Card Trellis by Christian Lessing

christian lessing card trellis detail

Card Trellis by Christian Lessing ... detail


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