MODERN[ISM] exhibition at Design Museum, Helsinki

Helsinki in spring might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday location; but we’ve tried it and can thoroughly recommend it.

And should it be colder than normal, from February 12 until May 9 the Design Museum is hosting a new exhibition: MODERN[ISM]

Although the principle focus of the exhibition will be the “golden age” of modernism from 1910 to the late 1930s, the exhibition promises to explore modernism in all its facets and to address the importance of modernism for contemporary design. Examples of Nordic, and for all Finnish modernism, will be showcased in the exhibition.

A series of lectures and a book on Finnish modernism will complement the exhibition.

In addition to exhibits from the Design Museums own collection, MODERN[ISM] also features exhibits borrowed from, for example, the Alvar Aalto Museum, the Bauhaus Archiv of Berlin,  and The National Museum of Norway.
Which all just sounds, well, thoroughly modern.

And certainly worth checking out if you are in or near Helsinki this spring.

Full details can be found at the Finnish Design Museum‘s homepage.

modernism design museum helsinki

Modernism at the Design Museum Helsinki


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