Designers Fair 2010: llot llov

Our first contact in Cologne with Berlin based designstudio llot llov was pure accident.

After visiting the Finn Juhl display in Hotel Chelsea we wandered innocently passed Martin Glanz Mobiliar – a shop with only “Ray” and “Matt” by llot llov on display.

Now we know that the exhibition is listed in the “Passagen” programme – but we’re sadly not organised enough to check-up on such things in advance.

But that made it all the more delightful to see.

For those of those not familiar with Ray and Matt they are both, in essence, light bulbs with extremely,  extremely long, extremely flexible cables. The idea is that they can follow you around a room; their flexibility meaning that you can weave and wind them around other furnishings as, if and when required.

Oh and they have the most attractive woolly jumpers.

Cheered by this we headed off to Designers Fair; only to be entrapped by Lucille llot llov’s nylon macrame flower cocoons.

Again, not the newest product on display in Cologne, but certainly one of the most ingenious. With its lobster pot-esque charm Lucille  allows you to build up a whole new relationship not only with your plants, but also with your rooms.
And to catch lobsters.

Now we’re not going to pretend  that we worship the ground on which llot llov walk.

For us too many of their products are simply gimmicky and too much of their persona is ego and show. And possibly arrogance. Possibly.
But when they are good; they are truly excellent.

Not just Matt,  Ray and Lucille stand out also their desk Clark is a mark of a design studio with talent.
And that aint no accident.

llot llov lucielle designers fair macrame

Lucielle by llot llov at Designers F air .... macrame

llot llov lucielle designers fair

Lucielle by llot llov at Designers Fair ... illuminating

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