Designers Fair 2010: Uli Budde

One designer: two products that impress us.
Doesn’t happen all the time.

Truth be told two designers: one product that impresses us is rare.

And we’re not just being nice to Uli Budde on account of the Potsdam connection.

We’re genuinely impressed.

Reading Table is a truly sweet piece of sofa/bedside table design: a central island on which one can place books, cups, plates, mobile phones, baby ducks and all those other things which one needs when reading.
This island is then surrounded by a wonderful, double purpose moat: on the one hand simple storage space for books, magazines etc… on the other one can use the rim as a sort of bookrest/pagemark so that you do not lose your place.
Think of it as a sort of compact, oval liesmichl and you’ll get the idea.
A wonderful concept.

And Ulis Plantpot aint bad either.

Essentially all he has done is extend and combine flowerpot and saucer in one creation; and that in a wonderfully aesthetic way.
It did also occur to us that if you don’t use the “saucer” element for water you could use it for keys, loose change, phones etc…. Just remember your doing that before filling it up with water though…..

designers fair uli budde

Reading Table by Uli Budde

designers fair uli budde

Plantpot by Uli Budde


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