Montags beim Papst

Yesterday evening we took the opportunity to attend the opening of the new exhibition in the Köln Museum für Angewandte Künst:  Montags beim Papst.

In general one can only recommend the MAK for all whose hearts beat a little faster upon sighting well executed furniture design.

And until the 21st of March the Museum is showing a special exhibition dedicated to the German designer Walter Papst.

In many ways one of the forgotten figures of German design Papst was one of the first furniture designers to experiment with fibreglass – unforgotten remains the time when he placed a fibreglass sofa in the bear enclosure at Cologne Zoo in order to prove it’s strength – while many of his wood designs show a clarity and understanding of design that many attempt but only few can reach.

Organised by German furniture producer Wilkhahn, for whom Papst produced some of his most famous works, the exhibition features not only examples of Papst’s work and background to the man and his art, but also features a special installation by Papst’s long-time friend  the artist Paul Kamper.

And is certainly well worth a visit.

Montags beim Papst runs at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Köln until March 21st.  All information boards are bi-lingual, German and English.

montags beim papst

Montags beim Papst Walter Papst's dreibein stuhl


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