Appletub by Jessiva Fryklund

In the world of designer furniture having a good idea is only half the job. Or potentially a fifth.

And you’d be amazed, if not offended at the number of excellent projects that reach the prototype phase and then proceed no further.
Such as appletub by Jessiva Fryklund, a member of  Stockholm based design studio swedes.

A complete bathtub/sink unit.

A complete bathtub/sink unit with a delightful and pleasingly curved bathtub.

And if that tap can be used in both bathtub and sink then so much the better.

We’ll confess to not being overly taken with the bright red, but that’s fine, that’s our problem,  and we’re sure that in series production a range of colours could/should be available.

But first it needs a competent producer to take the step to produce it.

Appletub by Jessiva Fryklund

deserves better!

Appletub by Jessiva Fryklund

Appletub by Jessiva Fryklund


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