Q and M by Jeff Stubbe

Sometimes when we stumble across an object what excites us most is not the object itself but the potential in the object.

Such an object is Q and M by Jeff Stubbe.

A graduate of the University College of West-Flanders in Kortrijk, Stubbe has created with Q and M the first steps towards a potentially very interesting modular shelving/storage/office system.

The concept is ridiculously simple – round poles fit through holes in metal boards and in doing so support the whole structure

However as far as we can make out from Jeff’s photos, the form is fixed.

Which is a shame, because if you could arrange it such that the user could fix a number of different board sizes/shapes together as they required  – then you could have a truly wonderful system. Alone the combination of the solid metal rods with the apparently more flimsy metal shelves creates a wonderful aesthetic which cannot dominate a space.

And if, as we assume,  you can also hang your coat/jumper on top of the poles then it’s even better.

A basket ball net is definitely possible 🙂

And so here’s hoping Jeff can find a producer to help with the final development stages.

Q and M by Jeff Stubbe

Almost perfect!

q and m stubbe

Q and M by Jeff Stubbe ... on the way to perfection


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