Designers Fair 2010: Einenkel & Weiss

Credit where credit’s due – the good folks of Cologne make a real effort where their Design Week is concerned.

In addition to the main IMM Cologne Fair and the Passagen programme, next week also sees the Designers Fair 2010.

Beside old myhouseismycastle favourites such as Eva Maguerre or David Olschewski, Designers Fair features one of the best assortment of young designers we have seen for a year for two.

In particular we are looking forward to seeing what make of the work of Einenkel & Weiss. Combining the talents of a designer and carpenter, the portfolio from Einenkel & Weiss is dominated by their Rodeo rocking recliner.

A truly awesome piece of design Rodeo looks like the inspiration came from a childhood desire to lean back in a Barcelona Chair – only to discover that such is impossible. So they recreated that childhood dream in a new product.

The only question is if it is as comfortable as it appears and if the rocking action is suitably smooth and stable…. The answer can be found here next week.

And yes we did say “awesome”…sorry about that.

Rodeo by Einenkel & Weiss.



Rodeo by Einenkel & Weiss ... Awe***e

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