IMM Cologne: Homework by Robin Grasby

Back in October we wrote about BOX by Robin Grasby – a truly ugly piece of furniture but on with so many refined details we couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship and talent that lay behind it..

And now it transpires the Great Grasby – as we’re sure all his friends call him – has been nominated for D3 Design Contest at this years IMM Cologne.

Albeit with a different product, namely his Homework desk system.

Now we’ve only seen photos of Homework, and from what we saw of it we found it all a little bit toooooo much.

All nice ideas, but far too many and not that well combined.

One or the other idea lacked a little development.
For us, you understand.

Fortunately for Robin we’ve not been invited to judge this years D3 competition – but we do promise to take a close look at Homework and report back if we change our mind.

Homework by Robin Grasby

A prize-winning design??

homework robin grasby

Homework by Robin Grasby

The IMM Cologne is open to trade visitors from 19-24.01 and to the general public on the 23.01 and 24.01.

Full details can be found at


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