Finn Juhl

Just as you famously can take a horse to water without necessarily forcing it to imbibe; so you can take us to IMM Cologne and expect us to get most excited about seeing works by a long since dead Danish designer.

While we will without doubt fall in love with some new design or the other, we are really looking forward to seeing the Finn Juhl exhibition at Hotel Chelsea.

For us Finn Juhl’s work embodies all that is familiar and strong in “Scandinavian Design” of the post-war years;  just a lot more natural and endearing than the taut lines of Jacobsen, Aalto et al

Pieces such as his Chieftains Chair or Poeten Sofa are simply dreamy, while the efficient charm of Juhl’s Tray Table or Eye Table is enough to make any furnitre designer give up – safe in the knowledge they will never achive such a standard.

One particular highlight for us is the re-introduction by the Finn Juhl license holder Hansen & Sorensen of the 1951 Baker Sofa.

(we obviously also like the fact that he is called Finn Juhl but is really a Danish Jewel, but feel that would be childish to mention )

Finn Juhl


Baker Sofa by Finn Juhl

Baker Sofa by Finn Juhl ... just gorgeous

Chieftains Chair by Finn Juhl

Chieftains Chair by Finn Juhl

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