Denzien by WilliamSorrel for Coalesse

Thanks to @mocoloco for this true delight of a modular office system.

We delight in all things interchangeable, extendable and rebuildable, and whereas most designers stop at bookcases, with “Denzien” California based design studio WilliamSorrel have extended the concept to a complete office.

Despite its undeniable retro feel, Denzien is about merging modern life and work styles into one multi-functional and responsive environment.

Which is fine by us.

A particularly brilliant touch being the cable hole in the centre of the round table: thus transforming a simple kitchen/dining table into an informal desk for group work.
We belive there is word like “pod” or something equally modern to describe such… not that we really know.

There is nothing especially clever or complicated in the form of Denzien, which is of course where it gets its charm from…. designed for a purpose, it fulfills it job while letting you get on with yours.

Denzien by WilliamSorrel for Coalesse.


Denzien by williamsorrel

Denzien by WilliamSorrel for Coalesse

...tell us you don't need it

dont tell us you don't need such....

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