alum from nut + grat

The swiss. Don’t you just love ’em

If they’re not going round banning minarets or profiting from ill-gotten gains then there busy offering refuge to some millionaire gun runner or the other.

Then there is swiss design. From cheese with holes it in,over triangular chocolate and onto USM Haller sideboards.

We jest of course. Switzerland has more to offer than tooth decay and racism as the company nut + grat so eloquently prove.

We’ve often said, and will never tire from repeating, that we generally aint no fans of solid wood furniture.
Are however huge fans of well crafted furniture. And nut + grat offer several wonderful examples of well designed and well made modern wood furniture.

Such as the alum coffee table.

On account of the secret nature of the unique production process we can’t expose that much about the nature of the alum coffee table.

Fortunately it is an aesthetic joy and thanks to the voluminous inner space  a practical piece of furniture for all who like to have magazines, books or dvds in large supplies close at hand, but not formally stored or ordered.

Juts like all those who stash their cash in Swiss bank accounts.

Alum from nut + grat.    Swiss.

alum from nut+grat

alum from nut+grat

alum from nut+grat

alum from nut+grat - Swiss


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