Curve by Akemi Tanaka

A young Los Angeles based designer by the name of Charles Eames once bent plywood into a half cylinder form for use as a leg splint by the US military.
And went on to change both the nature of the way we think about design and the way we furnish our homes.

If Brooklyn based Akemi Tanaka can achieve a similar feat is questionable, but with her Curve she will certainly revolutionise the way cats sleep in cramped flats.

Imagine a feline-friendly Bracket Fungus and you’ll get the idea.

Curve securely holds moggies weighing up to 35 kilos and the upholstery is washable.

But the best thing about Curve, is that it transforms your cat into part of your decor – and so finally finds a way to make cats useful.

Curve. Genius.

(less genius is the fact the Curve press release is scanned in a .gif, a by-product of the current craze for making everything flash 😦  @Akemi it’s a press release, its meant to be copied and distributed ;))

Curve by

Curve by Akemi Tanaka


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