Seam Chair by Chris Kabel

The winners of the first DOEN | Materiaalprijs 2009, launched by the ‘Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst and Vormgeving‘ and ‘Stichting DOEN‘ were announced during Dutch Design Week. The prize seeks to promote the sustainable and innovative use of materials in the fine arts, design, fashion and architecture.
And the first winner is Rotterdam based Chris Kabel for his Seam Chair/Seam Bench.
Or better put for his ingenious Seam Chair/Seam Bench.

Now, as so oft, we haven’t actually sat on Seam Chair, and so we’re going to have to assume its comfortable.
However the production process is just gorgeous: In the words of Chris Kabel:

A bag tailored to the shape of a chair is filled with sand and put in an oven under pressure. After some baking the sand is taken out leaving a hollow superstrong chair made out only of polypropylene (even the stitches)

As we say, just gorgeous.

But so much more.
Seam Chair is one of those fantastic products that makes you think twice before you use it.

You know it’s a chair and that you can safely sit on it … but because it doesn’t look like a chair you automatically wait a second or two before sitting down.


Now we could wax lyric about the semantics of such … but who cares.

The idea is fantastic, the visual result astounding and if Seam Chair is comfortable to sit on the project will have been a complete success.

Seam Chair by Chris Kabel


Seam Chair by Chris Kabel

Seam Chair by Chris Kabel

Gorgeous ....

Gorgeous ....


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