BOX by Robin Grasby

We love modular furniture.

Regardless if classics such as those from USM Haller and Montana or more modern developments, there is little in life we enjoy more than a furniture system that can be arranged as we want, and the re-arranged as we want, extended, broken-up, put back together and stood on its head.

And so you can imagine our delight as BOX by London based Robin Grasby crossed our path.

BOX looks clumsy, real clumsy. But it takes more than a  clumsy look to distract us.

Take a second look , however, and you will discover a well considered and excellently executed project that allows you as the user to select a configuration that fits your needs.

BOX is currently still löittle more than student “work in progress” but we can well imagine it in serial production.

Nils Holger Moormann….. ?

BOX by Robin Grasby


Box by Robin Grasby

Box by Robin Grasby

..lovely detail...

..lovely detail...

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