Rag Chair by Tejo Remy for droog

One of the lesser known biospheres in Europe is the former inner-German border between Bavaria and Thüringen.

Affectionately known as the “Strip of Death”, the border area was a 1,400 Km long and 50 -200m wide  forest and shrub landscape which for 40 years lay untroubled by human intervention.

And so within this strip of no-mans land between the East and West German barbed wire, a habitat developed that is unique on the European continent.
Something similar is happening in the back left corner of our bedroom.

A long, long time ago freshly laundered clothes were “stored” there until such time as we got round to properly placing them in the wardrobe. That day has never come, and so the clothes remain, untroubled by human intervention and quietly evolving in their own, natural way.

If we were clever we would turn them into furniture by now.

But we’re not .

Tejo Remy is.

And his Rag Chair for droog is simply brilliant.

A monument to the art of procrastination, each Rag Chair is  uniquely assembled from 15 bags of treated rags held together by metal straps.

And of course you can also “personalise” your Rag Chair through the inclusion of your own, discarded textiles.

OK, we predict a few problem if, for example, you spill your beer on it … but don’t spill your beer on it. Then there’s no problems.

In terms of form Rag Chair is reminiscent of Amoebe by Verner Panton or Monopd by Jasper Morrison and provides just as comfortable a seat as both of those masterpieces. Perfect for watching telly in, socializing or simply relaxing with a beer – without spilling it!! – or whatever else the Dutch enjoy getting up to. Rag Chair is a wonderful,softening, addition to any room.

And unlike the pile of clothes in our bedroom, wont develop into a unique biosphere.

Rag Chair by Tejo Remy. droog, nuff said.

Rag Chair by Tejo Remy

Rag Chair by Tejo Remy

by droog

by droog

The Dutch ... unstoppable

The Dutch ... unstoppable


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