Music Chocolate by Michi Jung

For various  inexplicable reasons we didn’t make it to the London design festival this year. Nothing to do with laziness we assure you.
We assure you…..

Fortunately we were in a minority and all the other regulars were there.

Including Harry from MoCo loco.


For without Harry it s highly likely we would have missed Michi Jung‘s gorgeous “Music chocolate” pouf.

Sadly Michi Jung is a follower of that current trend which says- build your webpage in flash.
Yeah the pictures can move in funky ways, but the content is appaling and there si always an information deficit,
As with “Music chocolate” – we know, in essence nothing about it, and Michi isn’t keen to tell us.

MoCo loco Harry has a few titbits of information, but quite honestly if Michi is happy to let the pictures do the talking so are we.

Only this much: if the music presentation from “Music Chocolate” is half as good as the visual presentation we need three.

Music Chocolate by Michi Jung. Classic.


Music Chocolate by Michi Jung ...


... looks great ...


... if not really that much like chocolate.


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