League Table by Simon Bradshaw

There’s a lot to be said for not taking life toooo seriously.

Getting up, washing, eating properly, socializing, working … we’re not advocating stopping any of those things.

But, for example, making sure that you have the right sort of balsamic vinegar, comparing the tone of your tights with those the marketing secretary and then getting upset about the result or taking professional advice as  to the best name for your new dog.

That’s when the big STOP sign should really come out.

Similarly with choosing, and to a greater extent designing, designer furniture. Far too many people get hung up on the “luxury” aspect. The uniqueness. The exclusivity.

And forget that a good and competently designed product can also improve your world.
And be fun.

One of the best items we saw at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair was four planks screwed together. Absolute genius.

We don’t know if Bristol based designer  Simon Bradshaw is so enlightened – or if his “League Table” was simply a lucky grab in the inspiration bag.

But then it don’t matter.

“League Table” is a remarkably refined, brilliantly conceived and excellently executed piece of furniture.

Created as an entry for the 2008 Bristol Design Festival “GRAPHIKEAII” competition the idea was to take  a table – presumably of Swedish origin – and add value by any means necessary.

Simon Bradshaw turned his into a mini table football table.

We know, we know.

But don’t you remember back in the day when video games were taking their first 8 Byte steps; there suddenly appeared in pubs across the UK tables that were really Pacman machines.

Two players could sit opposite each other with a beer, a packet of pickled onion crisps and the steely resolve to eat their opponent.

And if you remember that you’ll remember the best fun was NOT playing Pacman and instead sitting at a table that was actually a Pacman game.

It was like walking on the moon.

Simon Bradshaw’s League Table is exactly the same.

On the one hand, whenever you want you can challenge whoever is near-by to a friendly game of football.

But you don’t have to.
You can just enjoy idling twiddling with the bars… and enjoy the atmosphereless void around you.

We’re genuinely very taken with League  Table and can well imagine it working brilliantly in a range of locations be they domestic, industrial, commercial or social.

And there is no reason why it can’t be “up-sized” to a full table either. 🙂


If you want one contact Simon direct.

League Table by Simon Bradshaw. Lousy pun, brilliant table.

League Table by Simon Bradshaw - Ace.

League Table by Simon Bradshaw - Ace.


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