Axis by Gregory Buntain


Axis by Gregory Buntain

Do you know what we thought when we saw this.

Airplane Chair.

We thought of Lufthansa.

Which is a bit unfair on Gregory Buntain and for all on his Axis chair.

On the one hand Axis a wonderful reinterpretation of the folding garden chair, on the other an ode to practical furniture design.

The Strophe in Buntain’s melody is composed from the beautifully crafted teak inner and outer frame elements; elements whose movement wonderfully open the chair.  The Strophe having passed the Antistrophe answers in the harmonic removable sling. That’s removable as in if its dirty or the chair will be stowed for longe periods one can remove the sling and either wash it or store it in a safe and secure fashion.


The frame matching teak toggles which attach the sling to the frame via two rows of receiving eyelets, and which provide adjustibility, are then the fitting Epode.

Axis : A lyrical verse you can sit in ....

Axis : A lyrical verse you can sit in ....

Axis by Gregory Buntain is not a new chair design; it is however a wonderful piece of furniture design that shows both an eye for the aesthetic and an understanding of the need for functionality.
And as such is  timeless.

Axis by Gregory Buntain. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Axis by Gregory Buntain : sturdy

Axis by Gregory Buntain : @ Richard Lampert..... ?


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