Vulcan Stove by Arthur Senant

If USM Haller decided to build stoves, they would probably look like this.

One of the real joys of doing what we do is the fact that you always know that something brilliant is just around the corner, you wait for it, wait for it… wait ….

And it still knocks your socks of when it arrives.

Winter is rapidly approaching and if like us you use stoves for heating you’ll appreciate some of the issues that involves.

For all dead space.

With his Vulcan Stove , French designer Arthur Senant has created something truly wonderful.

Not only does the main stove body have wonderful 1950 enamel feel about it, but through the introduction of a configurable shelving system around the chimney he has solved the dead space problem.

OK Vulcan Stove is limited to locations where the flue goes vertical – we, for example, have one stove where the flue enters the wall at a 90 degree angle to the stove, and so we could not insert a Vulcan Stove there.

But where the logistics allow, and for all when designing a new room with stove Vulcan Stove is an absolute dream.

Storage space for wood, scrap paper, firelighters, matches, a tea pot, a throw or two, your cold socks… And drawers at the bottom for toasting chestnuts.

There is little better in winter than areal fire and there is quite possibly no better place fora  real fire than in a Vulcan Stove by Arthur Senant.

Vulcan Stove by Arthur Senant. We may need to cry….

vulcan stove_1

Vulcan Stove by Arthur Senant

vulcan stove_2

the saviour of all who enjoy real fires

vulcan stove_3

and warm chestnuts .. just watch out for squirrels

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